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By John L. Renne (ed.), Billy Fields (ed.)

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Source: N. , Proc. Natl. Acad. , February 23, 2010, fig. ) The main difference is that on-road transportation is a principal target along the continuum from short to long term, as it is expected to be a top source of climate change throughout this century. On-road transportation includes cars, light-duty trucks (SUVs, pick-ups, and minivans), medium- and heavy-duty trucks, buses, and motorcycles. The US inventory of on-road transportation direct emissions totaled 1,560 teragrams CO2 Eq. 34 All told, light-duty vehicles—cars, SUVs, pick-ups, and minivans—accounted for about three-quarters of GHG emissions.

15. 36. Jens Borken-Kleefeld, T. Berntsen, and J. Fuglestvedt, “Specific Climate Impacts of Passenger and Freight Transport,” Environmental Science & Technology 44, no. 1021/es9039693. 37. CICERO is the Center for International Climate and Environmental Research–Oslo (Norway). 38. Aviation has a very high climate-forcing contribution from short-lived contrails and cirrus clouds that quickly decrease with time. Still, aggregated on-road transport emissions are greater than those of air travel in the mid- to long term.

4 Radiative forcing due to perpetual 2000 global emissions, grouped by sector (in 2020). Emission trajectories in this graph assume business-as-usual (year 2000) transport activities powered by oil, without significant EV replacement. (Source: N. Unger, T. C. Bond, J. S. Wang, D. M. Koch, S. Menon, D. T. Shindell, and S. Bauer, “Attribution of Climate Forcing to Economic Sectors,” Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. ) affect regional climate in other detrimental ways, such as changing the Earth’s water cycle.

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