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By Karl-Heinz Bruner

Index zu den den sechs Banden "Das christlich-koptische Agypten in arabischer Zeit," herausgegeben von Stefan Timm.

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Read Online or Download Index zu Das christlich-koptische Agypten in arabischer Zeit (TAVO B 41 1-6) (TUBINGER ATLAS DES VORDEREN ORIENTS (TAVO) B) (German Edition) PDF

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Veth 1989). This chapter tackles two of the key problems in archaeological investigations of early occupation of the Australian deserts: (1) How different was the settlement system of early settlers of the inland from that found in recent times and (2) how did foragers colonize the interior without the adaptive strategies of historic desert peoples? In answer to these questions we advance the propositions that much of the Australian interior was initially colonized during a period of higher rainfall and more abundant surface water and food resources – a period in which a dedicated desert adaptation of the historic kind was not in place – and that elements of this pattern of early subsistence continued until the LGM, hence supporting a model in which some of the key features found in historic desert life have accumulated only since the terminal Pleistocene.

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