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By P. Somasundaran

Appending the Encyclopedia of floor and Colloid technology by way of forty two entries in addition to 3800 new citations, 1012 equations, and 485 illustrations and chemical constructions, this crucial complement summarizes a constellation of recent theoretical and experimental findings with regards to chemical characterization, mechanisms, interfacial habit, tools and modeling, and purposes.

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A. Lipatov 68 Architecture of Multi-Component Copolymer Brushes /Koji Ishizu 86 Atmospheric Aerosols: Natural and Anthropogenic Particles /Chiu-sen Wang 95 Chain Statistics in Polymer Solution: Statistical and Thermal Physics from Scaling Concepts for Geometry /Stefano A. Kislenko, Alexander Zaichenko, and Natalia Mitina 632 Uphill Transport of Amino Acids Through Fixed Charge Membranes /Patricio Ramírez, Antonio Alcaraz, and Salvador Mafé 649 Various Uniform Large Microspheres Prepared by Special Glass Membrane Emulsification / GuangHui Ma, ZhiGuo Su, and Shinzo Omi 661 Index 679 Page xi Preface As all things—from electronics to medical equipment—in use at home and in industry, become smaller and smaller, the field of surface and colloid science expands in importance for every scientist and engineer.

However, the selection is often made on the basis of the availability of the raw material Page 2 Table 1 Alternative feedstocks proposed for the preparation of the activated carbon adsorbents S. no. Feedstocks 1. Bagasse 2. Lampblack 3. Bones 4. Lignite 5. Coal 6. Coffee beans 7. Petroleum acid sludge 8. Distillery waste 9. Pulp-mill waste 10. Rubber waste 11. Palm tree cobs 12. Coconut coir 13. Kelp and seaweed 14. Blood 15. Lignin 16. Cereals 17. Nut shells 18. Peat 19. Cottonseed hulls 20. Potassium ferrocyanide waste 21.

30,31] The main problem associated with the tannin-containing materials is the decoloration of the water as a result of soluble phenols. To overcome this problem, chemical pretreatment of bark has been tried by a number of workers. [32] carried out formaldehyde pretreatment to diminish the bleeding of the colored compounds without appreciably affecting capacity. [30,33] carried out a comparative study of bark adsorption to that of peanut skins, walnut expeller meal, and coconut husks and found their adsorption capacities to be comparable.

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