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By J. E. Macintyre (auth.), J. E. Macintyre (eds.)

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As-20033 2-Methyl-l,3,2-dioxarsenane,9CI 2-Methyl-l-arsa-l,3-dioxacyclohexane. 036 Liq. BPl4 62-64°. As-20039 Difluoro(l-piperidino )arsine I-Piperidinylarsonous difluoride. , Z. Anorg. AUg. , 1969,370,227 (synth) Fr~yen, P. et ai, Org. , 1973,7,691 (rns) Kober, F. et ai, Chern. , 1976, 109,493 (rns) Cazaux, L. et ai, J. Chern. Res. 059 Liq. BplO 45°. As-20034 2-Methoxy-l,3,2-dioxarsenane,9CI 2-Methoxy-2-arsa-I,3-dioxacyclohexane. Methyl trimethylene arsenite Kober, F. et ai, J. 035 Liq. Bps 31-33°.

BP28 87-89°, BPl9 102-107°. 5645. Kamai, G. et 01. Dokl. Akad. Nauk SSSR. Ser. Sci. • C,HJsAs Tri-2-propenylarsine,9C1 Triallylarsine,8CI [16676-21-4] 1963. 149. 850 (synth) 28 As-20083 As-20084 - As-20089 Red solid. Mp 144-145°. -iododiiodobis(tripropylarsine)diplatinum. 151 Deep-red solid. Mp 170-171 ° dec. bromodibromobis(tripropylarsine)dipalladium. 829 Red-brown solid. Mp 153°. OsCl4 complex (2:1): Tetrachlorobis(tripropylarsine)osmium. 385 Green-brown cryst. (C 6 H 6 /MeOH). Mp 155-156°. IrCl 4 complex (2:1): Tetrachlorobis(tripropylarsine)iridium.

1930,52,780 (synlh) As-20101 5-Hydroxy-5-oxo-5H-dibenzarsolane 1)- l/ydroxy-9-arsaj? uorene 9-oxide. Dibenzarsenolic acid. 124 Cryst. (EtOAc). Mp 327-328° (318-322°). ). 845 Yellow fuming cryst. M p 128-131 0. Wiberg, E. et ai, Z. , B, 1957, 12, 127 (synlh) Fcitelson. N. el al. 1. Chem. l. el ai, 1. Am. Chern. , 1953,75,4589 (synlh) Freedman. D. el al. J. Am. Chern. Soc .. A. et ai, Izv. Akad. Nauk SSSR, Ser. , 1972,1612 (Eng/. transl. p. 585 Solid. Mp 176-178°. F. et aI, Zh. Obshch. , 1966,36, 2024; 1.

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