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Ultimately - transparent and understandable Definitions of all of the Networking Acronyms, phrases, and Abbreviations you must KnowThe Dictionary of Networking is a hugely readable, authoritative advisor to the vast - and sometimes bewildering - terminology of community computing. This thoroughly up-to-date, extended 3rd version spans all features of networking and software program - from peer-to-peer networks to company large zone networks (WANs), the web, and internetworking - and covers each significant community working procedure. issues include:* Certification courses* Communications* criteria* the web and intranets* LANs, MANs, WANs* cellular and instant computing* community management* Networking concept and ideas* working platforms and environments* computing device and server undefined* Protocols* protection* Slang* Voice and information transmissionsThis ebook includes greater than 3,000 entries. Abbreviations and acronyms are cross-referenced to their definitions, and lots of entries comprise extra cross-references to similar entries. you will find transparent, concise definitions, acronyms and abbreviations outlined in context.

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Big Blue A nickname for International Business Machine Corporation (IBM), which uses blue as its corporate color. big endian A computer architecture in which the most significant byte has the lowest address and so is stored big end first. Many processors, including those from Motorola and Sun, certain RISC processors, the PDP-11, and the IBM 3270 series are all big endian. The term comes from Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels, in which wars were fought over whether boiled eggs should be opened at the big end or the little end.

See also client/server architecture. , Alameda, CA. com 2461book Page 36 Thursday, May 4, 2000 11:59 AM background BACKBONE background 1. On a computer screen, the color on which characters are displayed; for example, white characters may appear on a blue background. 2. In an operating system, a process that runs in the background generally runs at a lower level of priority than a foreground task and does not accept input from the user. Only multitasking operating systems support true background and foreground processing, but some applications can mimic it.

2. The overall design of software, including interfaces to other software, the operating system, and to the network. application-specific integrated circuit Abbreviated ASIC. A computer chip developed for a specific purpose, designed by incorporating standard cells from a library rather than created from scratch. Also known as gate arrays, ASICs are found in all sorts of appliances, including modems, security systems, digital cameras, and even microwave ovens and automobiles. See also client/server architecture; closed architecture; complex instruction set computing; open architecture; reduced instruction set computing.

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