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Any arthropod arachnid. of the class Arachnida which includes the spiders, scorpions, ticks, arachnoid. Like a cobweb. 1. and mites. 2. anat. The arachnoid membrane, and the middle of the three meninges which enclose the brain spinal cord. 3. hot. araneid. Any Covered with thin, loose hairs or fibers. arachnid of the order Araneae (Araneida) which includes the spiders. araneiform. Like a spider. arboreal. Pertaining to or of the nature of trees. 1. to or living in or among 2. Attached trees. arboreous.

A rounded or polygonal plate in the cuticle of nematomorphs. argali. A wild sheep (Ovis ammori) of the mountains of Central areola. 1. the iris Asia, noted for 34 its massive horns. ARMORED SCALES Any argasid. acarid of the family Argasidae which includes the soft ticks, as Ornithodoros, transmitter of the infective agents of tickbite fever, Q Having an argentaffin. and relapsing fever, tularemia, affinity for silver or fever. chromium salts, as argentaffin cells of the alimentary canal. An arginine.

The mating of a hybrid with one of the parental genotypes. See test cross. An backswimmer. aquatic, hemipteran insect which swims Notonec- ventral side up, as Notonecta undulata of the family tidae. organisms of the division Schizomycophyta (Schizophyta), formerly considered a class Schizomycetes of the Fungi. They lack chlorophyll, most existing as parasites or saprophytes; a few are autotrophic. They are the chief agents of fermentation, putrefaction, and decay. bacteria. Minute, unicellular plant Many are pathogenic.

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