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Lead Reviewer: Dr. Daniel Coetzee, self sufficient student, London, united kingdom overview Board: Jeremy Black, collage of Exeter, united kingdom Dr. Frances F. Berdan, Professor of Anthropology, California country college, San Bernardino David A. Graff, affiliate Professor, division of historical past, Kansas kingdom college Dr. Kevin Jones, collage collage London Dr. John Laband, Wilfrid Laurier collage, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada Dr. Carter Malkasian, heart for Naval research Mr. Toby McLeod, Lecturer in glossy background, collage of Birmingham, united kingdom Dr. Tim Moreman, autonomous pupil, London, united kingdom Professor invoice Nasson, division of ancient reports, collage of Cape city, South Africa Dr. David Nicolle, Honourary learn Fellow, Nottingham college, united kingdom Dr. Kaushik Roy, Lecturer, division of heritage, Presidency collage, Kolkata, India Dennis Showalter, Professor of heritage, Colorado collage Dr. Stephen Turnbull, Lecturer in jap non secular experiences, division of Theology and non secular reviews, Leeds collage, united kingdom Professor Michael Whitby, Professor of Classics and old heritage, college of Warwick, UK

Over 8,500 battles and sieges are covered-easily the main exhaustive reference resource in this easy element of army historical past. completely vetted by way of knowledgeable board of interval and nearby specialists, this dictionary deals effortless to discover A-Z entries that hide conflicts from essentially each period and position of human background. as well as exhaustive insurance of worldwide battle II, global struggle I, the yankee Civil battle, medieval wars, and conflicts in the course of the classical period, this dictionary covers battles fought in pre-modern Africa, the center East, historical and Medieval India, China, and Japan, and early meso-American conflict as well.

Going way past the common maximum or such a lot influential conflict layout, The Dictionary of Battles and Sieges deals readers details they might be hard-pressed to discover wherever else. Entries have been reviewed via region and interval specialists to make sure accuracy and to supply the broadest assurance attainable. Jaques's Dictionary is actually worldwide in scope, protecting East Asia, South Asia, Eurasia, Europe, Africa, Mesoamerica, and North and South the United States. Battles from wars nice and small are within the dictionary, together with battles from this very short sampling of wars lined, indexed to provide an concept of the book's deep insurance: Egyptian-Syrian Wars (1468 BC); the Assyrian Wars (724 - 648 BC); Greco-Persian Wars (498 - 450 BC); the Conquests of Alexander the nice (335-326 BC); Rome's Gallic Wars (121-52 BC); Han Imperial Wars (208); Hun-Ostrogoth Wars (454-68); Sino-Vietnamese Wars (547-605); Mecca-Medina battle (624-30); Jinshin conflict (672); Berber uprising (740-61); Viking Raids on, and in, Britain (793-954); Sino-Annamese battle (938); Byzantine army Rebellions (978-89); Afghan Wars of Succession (998-1041); Russian Dynastic Wars (1016-94); Reconquista (1063-1492); Crusader-Muslim Wars (1100- 1179); Swedish Wars of Succession (1160-1210); Conquests of Genghis Khan (1202-27); William Wallace rebel (1297-1304); Hundred Years battle (1337-1453); warfare of Chioggia (1378-80); Vijayanagar-Bahmani Wars (1367-1406); Ottoman Civil Wars (1413-81); Mongol-Uzbek Wars (1497-1512); German Knights' battle (1523); Burmese-Laotian Wars (1574); Cambodian-Spanish conflict (1599); King Philip's conflict (1675-77); Franco-Barbary Wars (1728); Bengal conflict (1763-65); French innovative Wars (1792-1801); Chilean struggle of Independence (1813-26); Boer-Zulu battle (1838); Indian Mutiny (1858-59); Mexican-French struggle (1862-67); Sino-Japanese struggle (1894-95); global struggle I (1914-18); Anhwei-Chihli warfare (1920); global struggle II (1939-45) Mau Mau insurrection (1955); second Indo-Pakistani conflict (1965); Angolan warfare (1987-88); second Gulf warfare (2003- ).

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See Appendix Byzantine-Ottoman Wars: Baphaeum, 1301; 1317–1326; Pelacanon, 1328; Nicomedia, 1337; Didymoteichon, 1352; Gallipoli, 1354; nople, 1362; Gallipoli, 1366; Dardanelles, Constantinople, 1422; Constantinople, 1453 Brusa, 1331– Adria1399; Wars of the Catalan Company: Aprus, 1305; Cephisus, 1311 Rise of Robert the Bruce: Dalry, Kirkincliffe, Methven, 1306; Glentrool, Lochryan, Loudon, Hill, Slioch, 1307; Brander, Cree, Dee, Inverurie, 1308; Durham, 1312; Perth, 1312–1313; Stirling, 1313–1314; Bannockburn, Edinburgh, Roxburgh, Rushen, 1314; Ardscull, 1316; Dundalk, 1318; Berwick, 1318–1319; Myton, 1319; Byland, 1322 Wars of the Teutonic Knights: Gdansk, 1308; Plowce, 1331; Reval, 1343 Later Christian Reconquest of Spain: Algeciras, Almeria, 1309; Genil, Vega, 1319; Alcala´, Algeciras, Rio Salado, 1340; Algeciras, 1343–1344; Higueruela, 1431; Alporchones, 1452 Tiepolo’s Rebellion: Venice, 1310 Khalji Invasion of Pandya, 1310–1311.

See Appendix Italian War of Charles VIII: Fornovo, Seminara, 1495; Aversa, 1496 Flammock’s Rebellion: Blackheath, 1497 Muscovite Wars of Expansion: Novgorod, 1456; Shelon, Shilenga, 1471 Mughal-Uzbek Wars: Samarkand, 1497–1498; Sar-iPul, 1501; Akhsikath, 1503; Herat, Maruchak, 1507; Kandahar, 1508; Pul-i-Sanghin, 1511; Ghujduwan, Kul-i-Malik, 1512 Hungarian National Wars: Baia (Romania), 1467; Vienna, 1485 Swabian War: Bruderholz, Calven, Dornach, Frastenz, Hard, Schwaderloch, Triesen, 1499 xxxiv Chronological Reference Guide The Early Modern Era, 1500–1750 1st Muscovite-Lithuanian War: Vedrosha, 1500; Helmed, Mstislavl, Seritsa, 1501; Lake Smolino, Smolensk, 1502 Italian War of Louis XII: Novara, 1500; Taranto, 1501– 1502; Barletta, 1502–1503; Cerignola, Garigliano, Seminara, 1503 Early Portuguese Colonial Wars in Asia: Calicut, 1500; Cochin, 1506; Chaul, 1508; Diu, 1509; Goa, 1510; Malacca, 1511 Portuguese Colonial Wars in East Africa: Zanzibar, 1503; Kilwa, Mombasa, 1505; Mombasa, 1528; Mombasa, 1589 Irish Barons’ Wars: Knockdoe, 1504 Funj-Nubian War, 1504–1505.

See Appendix Maratha Rebellions: Dabhoi, 1731; Savanur, 1756 War of the Polish Succession: Danzig, 1733–1734; Bitonto, Guastalla, Parma, Philippsburg, Secchia, 1734 Spanish-Algerian Wars: Oran, 1704–1708; Oran, 1732; Algiers, 1775; Oran, 1780–1791; Algiers, 1783 Turko-Persian Wars of Nadir Shah: Baghdad, Karkuk, Leilan, 1733; Baghavand, 1735; Basra, Mosul, 1743; Kars, 1745 Ra´ko´czi Rebellion: Zsibo´, 1705; Trenchin, 1708 Chickasaw-French War: Ackia, Chucalissa, 1736 Maratha Civil War: Khed, 1707 Austro-Russian-Turkish War: Azov, Perekop, 1736; Banyaluka, Nish, Ochakov, Valjevo, 1737; Bender, Orsova, 1738; Belgrade, Kroszka, Stavuchany, 1739 Mughal Wars of Succession: Jajau, 1707; Hyderabad (India), 1709; Lahore, 1712; Agra, 1713; Hasanpur, 1720; Gheria (Bengal), 1740; Daulatabad, 1741; Rajmahal (Rajasthan), 1747 Portuguese-Maratha War: Bassein (India), 1737– 1739; Thana, 1738 Russian Invasion of Moldavia: Stanilesti, 1711 Persian Invasion of India: Jamrud, 1738; Karnal, 1739 Persian-Afghan Wars: Kandahar, 1711; Kandahar, 1714; Farah, Herat, 1719; Kerman, 1721; Gulnabad, Isfahan, Kerman, 1722; Meshed, 1726; Herat, Mehmandost, Murchakhar, 1729; Zarghan, 1730; Herat, 1731–1732; Kandahar, 1737–1738; Kabul, 1738; Herat, 1750; Nishapur, 1750–1751; Torbat-i-Jam, 1751; Meshed, 1754; Sabzavar, 1755 War of the Austrian Succession: Porto Bello, 1739; St Augustine, 1740; Cartagena (Colombia), Mollwitz, Santiago de Cuba, 1741; Bloody Swamp, Chotusitz, Sahay, 1742; Braunau, Camposanto, Dettingen, 1743; Cuneo, Madonna del Olmo, Prague, Toulon, Velletri, 1744; Amberg, Bassignano, Fontenoy (Belgium), Hennersdorf, Hohenfriedberg, Kesseldorf, Soor, 1745; Piacenza, Rottofredo, 1746; Genoa, 1746– 1747; Bergen-op-Zoom, Cape Finisterre, Exilles, Lauffeld, Rocoux, 1747; Havana, Maastricht, 1748 2nd Villmergen War: Bremgarten, Villmergen, 1712 Tuscarora Indian War: Cotechna, 1712; Nohoroco, 1713 Persian-Uzbek Wars: Charjui, Khiva, 1740 Ottoman Invasions of Montenegro: Podgoritza, 1712; Cevo, 1768 1st Russo-Swedish War: Willmanstrand, 1741 Jacobite Rebellion (The Fifteen): Preston, Sheriffmuir, 1715 King George’s War: Annapolis Royal, 1744; Louisbourg, 1745 xl Chronological Reference Guide Jacobite Rebellion (The Forty-Five): Carlisle, 1745; Clifton Moor, Inverurie, Prestonpans, 1745; Stirling, 1745–1746; Culloden, Falkirk, 1746 1st Carnatic War: Madras, Negapatam, St Thome´, 1746; Fort St David, 1746–1748; Cuddalore, Pondicherry, 1748 Indian Campaigns of Ahmad Shah: Manupur, 1748; Lahore, 1752; Delhi, Gohalwar, 1757; Lahore, 1759; Barari Ghat, Kunjpura, Sikandarabad, 1760; Panipat, Gujranwala, Sialkot, 1761; Kup, 1762; Sialkot, 1763 Maxen, Minden, Neuwarp, Quiberon Bay, 1759; Carrickfergus, Dresden, Emsdorf, Glatz, KlosterKamp, Kolberg, Korbach, Landshut, Liegnitz, Torgau, Warburg, 1760; Belle Isle (Brittany), Gruneberg, Kolberg, Vellinghausen, 1761; Almeida, Amoneburg, Burkersdorf, Freiberg, Kassel, Lutterberg, Reichenbach (Poland), Valencia (Alca´ntara), Vila Velha, Wilhelmstahl, 1762 Seven Years War (Caribbean): Cap Francais, 1757; Guadeloupe, Martinique, 1759; Dominica, 1761; Havana, Martinique, 1762 2nd Carnatic War: Ambur, Devikota, 1749; Gingee, Tiruvadi, 1750; Arcot, Arni, Conjeeveram, Volkondah, 1751; Trichinopoly, 1751–1752; Bahur, Chingleput, Covelung, Gingee, Kaveripak, Seringham, 1752; Tiruvadi, Trichinopoly, 1753 Seven Years War (West Africa): Gore´e, Senegal, 1758 The Century of Revolution, 1750–1850 Burmese Invasions of Siam: Ayutthaya, 1760; Ayutthaya, 1766–1767 Pathan War: Farrukhabad, Kasganj, 1750; Farrukhabad, Qadirganj, 1751 Later Dutch Wars in the East Indies: Jenar, 1751; Tjiledug, 1752 Persian Wars of Succession: Chahar Mahall, 1751; Asterabad, 1752; Kermanshah, 1752–1753; Qomsheh, 1753; Kamarej, 1754; Kazzaz, 1756; Lahijan, Urmiya, 1757; Shiraz, 1758; Ashraf, 1759; Maragheh, 1760; Qara Chaman, 1762; Urmiya, 1762–1763; Shiraz, 1780–1781 Burmese Civil Wars: Ava, 1752; Pegu, 1757 Seven Years War (North America): Fort Necessity, Great Meadows, 1754; Beause´jour, Belle Isle (Canada), Lake George, Monongahela, 1755; Oswego, 1756; Fort William Henry (NY), 1757; Fort Duquesne, Fort Frontenac, Fort Ticonderoga, Louisbourg, Snowshoes, 1758; Fort Niagara, Fort Ticonderoga, Montmorency Gorge, Quebec, 1759; Montreal, 1760; Quebec, St Francis, 1760 Baluchi Rebellion: Mastung, 1758 Cherokee Indian Wars: Etchoe, Fort Loudoun, Fort Prince George, 1760; Etchoe, 1761 Seven Years War (Philippines): Manila, 1762 Maratha Wars of Succession: Alegaon, 1762; Miraj, 1762–1763; Dhodap, 1768; Kasegaum, 1774; Adas, Panchgaum, 1775 Pontiac’s War: Bloody Run, Bushy Run, Devil’s Hole, Fort Pitt, Michilimackinac, Point Pelee, 1763; Detroit, 1763–1764 Bengal War: Gheria (Bengal), Katwa, Patna, Udaynala, 1763; Buxar, Patna, 1764; Kora, 1765 1st British-Mysore War: Ambur, Chengam, Trinomalee, Vaniyambadi, 1767; Mulbagal, 1768 Mamluk Wars: Tanta, 1768; Cairo, 1772; Salihiyya, 1773; Jaffa, 1775 Polish Rebellion: Orekhovo, 1769; Lanskroun, Stalowicz, 1771; Cracow, 1772 War against Malabar Pirates: Savandrug, 1755; Gheria (Bombay), 1756 Catherine the Great’s 1st Turkish War: Dniester, Khotin, 1769; Bender, Chesme, Chios, Kagul, Larga, Lemnos, Nauplia, Pruth, Ryabaya Mogila, 1770; Bucharest, Perekop, 1771; Hirsov, Silistria, Turtukai, 1773; Kozludzha, Kurchukai, Turtukai, 1774 Guarani War: Caibate´, 1756 Regulators War: Alamance Creek, 1771 Seven Years War (India): Calcutta, 1756; Calcutta, Chandernagore, Plassey, Trichinopoly, 1757; Cuddalore, Fort St David, Negapatam, Rajahmundry, Tanjore, 1758; Madras, 1758–1759; Chinsura, Masulipatam, Patna, Pondicherry, 1759; Hajipur, Karikal, Masumpur, Sherpur (India), Udgir, Wandewash, 1760; Pondicherry, 1760–1761; Suan, 1761 Maratha-Mysore Wars: Chinkurli, 1771; Saunshi, 1777 Seven Years War (Europe): Kolin, Lobositz, Minorca, Pirna, Port Mahon, 1756; Breslau, Gotha, GrossJagersdorf, Hastenbeck, Leuthen, Moys, Prague, Rossbach, Schweidnitz, 1757; Ile d’Aix, Cancale, Cherbourg, Crefeld, Domstadtl, Hochkirch, Lutterberg, Olmu¨tz, Sandershausen, St Cast, Zorndorf, 1758; Bergen (Hesse), Kay, Kunersdorf, Lagos Bay, Mamluk-Ottoman Wars: Damascus, 1771; Jaffa, 1772–1773; Rahmaniyya, 1786 Pugachev Rebellion: Orenburg, Ufa, 1773–1774; Kazan, Tatishchevo, Tsaritsyn, 1774 Vietnamese Civil War: Quy Nhon, 1773; Thang Long, 1789; Thang Long, 1802 Cresap’s War: Yellow Creek, 1774 Dunmore’s War: Point Pleasant, 1774 Rohilla War: Miranpur Katra, 1774 1st British-Maratha War: Thana, 1774; Adas, 1775; Wargaom, 1779; Ahmadabad, Bassein (India), Doo- Chronological Reference Guide gaur, Gwalior, Kalyan, Malang-gad, 1780; Arnala, 1780–1781; Bhorghat, Durdah, 1781; Ratnagiri, 1783 Turko-Persian Gulf War: Basra, 1775–1776 War of the American Revolution: Bunker Hill, Chambly, Concord, Crown Point, Fort Ticonderoga, Great Bridge, Hampton, Lexington (Massachusetts), Longueuil, Machias, Montreal, St Johns, 1775; Boston, Quebec, 1775–1776; Charleston (Massachusetts), Dorchester Heights, Fort Lee, Fort Sullivan, Fort Washington, Gwynn Island, Harlem Heights, Kip’s Bay, Long Island, Moore’s Creek Bridge, New Providence, Norfolk, Pell’s Point, Throg’s Neck, Trenton, Trois Rivie`res, Valcour Island, White Plains, 1776; Bennington Raid, Brandywine, Cooch’s Bridge, Danbury Raid, Fort Anne, Fort Clinton, Fort Mercer, Fort Mifflin, Fort Stanwix, Fort Ticonderoga, Germantown, Hubbardton, Oriskany, Paoli, Peekskill Raid, Princeton, Saratoga (New York), Somerset Court House, Staten Island, White Marsh, 1777; Barren Hill, Carrickfergus, Cherry Valley, Dominica, Little Egg Harbour, Monmouth, Newport (Rhode Island), Pondicherry, Rhode Island, Savannah, St Augustine, St Lucia, Ushant, Whitehaven, Wyoming Massacre, 1778; Baton Rouge, Beaufort, Briar Creek, Charleston (South Carolina), Flamborough Head, Grenada, Kettle Creek, Minisink, Newtown, Paulus Hook, Penebscot, Savannah, St Vincent, Stono Ferry, Stony Point, Vincennes, 1779; Gibraltar, 1779–1783; Blackstocks, Camden, Cape Finisterre, Cape St Vincent, Charleston (South Carolina), Charlotte, Fishdam Ford, Fishing Creek, Hanging Rock, King’s Mountain, Lanneau’s Ferry, Martinique, Mobile, Monck’s Corner, Monte Christi, Piqua, Rocky Mount, Ruddle’s Station, Rugley’s Mill, Springfield (New Jersey), St Louis, St Lucia, Wateree Ferry, Waxhaw, Williamson’s Plantation, Young’s House, 1780; Augusta (Georgia), Charleston (South Carolina), Chesapeake Capes, Cowan’s Ford, Cowpens, Dogger Bank, Eutaw Springs, Fort Ninety-Six, Fort St Joseph, Guildford Courthouse, Haw River, Hobkirk’s Hill, Jamestown Ford, Lochrey’s Defeat, Martinique, Pensacola, Porto Praya, Quinby Bridge, Richmond (Virginia), Scilly Isles, St Eustatius, Tappan Zee, Tarrant’s Tavern, Ushant, Yorktown, 1781; Minorca, 1781–1782; Blue Licks, Dominica, Little Mountain, Negapatam, Providien, Sadras, Saints, St Kitts, Trincomalee, 1782; Cuddalore, 1783 Tupac Amaru Revolt, 1780–1782.

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