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Beurre noir (beur NWAHR) [French: black butter] In French cooking, a dark-brown butter sauce often flavored with vinegar, capers, or herbs. bhakti (BUK-tee) [Sanskrit: devotion] In Hinduism, personal devotion to a god in the hope of reaching enlightenment. bhang (bang) [Sanskrit: hemp] marijuana or hashish made from the Indian hemp plant, used as a narcotic. bibelot (beeb-LOH) [French] A small decorative object; a pretty, curious, or rare trinket. bidarka (bee-DAHR-kah) [Russian: a little coracle] An Alaskan Eskimo boat made of sealskin.

Bento, obento (BEHN-toh, oh-BEHN-toh) [ Japanese, from Chinese] A complete meal served in a lacquered box divided into sections that keep the various dishes apart. beret (beh-RAY) [French, from Latin] A soft, flat, woollen cap of Basque origin, with a close-fitting headband and a round top. bergère (behr-ZHEHR) [French: shepherdess] A large, deep armchair of the 18th century. bête noire (beht NWAHR) [French: black beast] A bugaboo; a bugbear; a person or thing that arouses hatred or fear. ͘ bêtise (beh-TEEZ) [French: foolishness] A stupid or nonsensical act or remark; an absurdity.

En brochette refers to anything cooked on a skewer or a small spit. brochure (broh-SHOOR) [French: a stitched book] A pamphlet or booklet containing information. broderie anglaise (broh-deh-REE anh-GLEHZ) [French: English embroidery] A style of fine white cotton fabric with embroidered eyelets laid out in a pattern or a flowerlike design. qxd 7/7/01 2:29 PM Page 37 brouhaha • burka 37 brouhaha (BROO-hah-hah) [French] An uproar; a commotion; a hullabaloo; a clamor; an incident involving turmoil or confusion, especially a disagreement or fight over something unimportant.

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