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It is coloured black with a white band round the front of the body and is used for breeding hardy crosses. British Romagnola British Saanen British Saddleback British Society of Plant Breeders British Society of Plant Breeders noun a member association which repre- sents the interests of plant breeders in the UK. Abbr BSPB British Standards Institute noun an organisation that monitors design and safety standards in the UK. Abbr BSI British Sugar noun a company which buys sugar beet each year from farmers and is responsible for processing and marketing the sugar British Toggenburg noun a darkbrown coloured goat, developed from the Swiss Toggenburg breed British Standards Institute British Cattle Movement Service British Cattle Movement Service noun the organisation that registers births, deaths, imports and exports of cattle British Crop Protection Council British Crop Protection Council noun former name for BCPC British Dane / britiʃ dein/ noun a British Dane dairy breed of cattle British Egg Industry Council noun a British Egg Industry Council member association which promotes the use and sale of eggs, and allows its subscribers to use the Lion Quality mark on their produce.

Butterfly noun a flying insect with large, often colourful wings buttermilk / b təmilk/ noun the liquid which remains after the churning of cream, when making butter butter mountain noun a popular term for vast quantities of dairy produce in the form of butter, which has been paid for by EU governments and put into cold store BVA abbreviation British Veterinary Association BVD abbreviation bovine viral diarrhoea BYDV abbreviation barley yellow dwarf virus byre /baiə/ noun a cow house byway noun a small country road or track byway open to all traffic noun a road mainly used by the public as a footpath or bridleway on which vehicles are allowed.

Farmers Weekly] broccoli noun a plant of the brassica type that exists in several varieties. One is the winter-grown type of cauliflower. Other varieties include sprouting broccoli, of which there are purple and white kinds, the plants making their curds on numbers of side shoots. Perennial broccoli grows into large plants and forms a number of quite large cauliflower-like heads each season for two or three years. ı calabrese broiler noun a chicken raised for the table, usually under intensive conditions.

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