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THE GEOPOLITICAL PERSONALITY OF THE THIRD WORLD Speaking of the Afro-Asian bloc, Samaan Boutros Farajallah says: 'Elements of both an objective and subjective character ... the fruits t Heilbroner (1963, p. 24). 2 1883 ~ ... JO Key: 1. Traditional societies lacking political integration. 2. Partially-integrated traditional societies. 3. Traditional societies with considerable settler groups. 4. Asian societies with substantial indigenous minorities. 5. Colonyderived societies with marginal indigenous populations.

From one point of view, the most important effect of colonialism was related to the negative fact that the dependent nation was deprived of effective nationhood and had no government of its own which could feel the urge to take protective and fomenting measures in order to promote the balanced growth of the national economy. Lack of political independence meant the absence of a unifying and integrating purpose for the collectivity - except, at a later stage, the negative purpose to expel the foreign rulers.

And, while we may attempt to assess the economic wastage, the wastage of a precious human resource, which these cold and impersonal statistics convey, it is fitting that we should not lose sight of what is ultimately of much greater deprivation, the shattered hopes human significance - the ~nguished and personal sufferings which lie behind the statistical measure .... THE SEARCH FOR IDENTITY The Third World countries are differentiated from the old-developed countries of the 'white north' not only in economic terms but also in socio-political terms.

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