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By Clay Cockerell, Martin C. Mihm Jr., Brian J. Hall, Cary Chisholm, Chad Jessup, Margaret Merola

Dermatopathology is a really expert department of pathology within which there was nice development as new strategies became to be had to guage the pathology of the outside. a number of the advances in our wisdom and realizing of the outside and the illnesses that impact it were made via individuals with adventure of either diagnostic pathology and medical dermatology. With major numbers of enormous textbooks on hand, there's a have to supply useful scientific details and concise standards for pathologic analysis for pathologists and dermatologists trying to find up to date diagnostic and administration options.​

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A Spongiotic Dermatoses Histology: Early lesions show spongiosis, sometimes with vesiculation, variable acanthosis and exocytosis of lymphocytes and neutrophils (Fig. 6). Chronic lesions show more psoriasiform hyperplasia that is often irregular, and scale crust is common. A mixed acute and chronic superficial perivascular infiltrate is also typically present. Superimposed features of lichen simplex chronicus are not uncommon. b c Fig. 6 (a–c) These figures show an acute example of nummular dermatitis with a superficial perivascular infiltrate, slight spongiosis, and psoriasiform epidermal hyperplasia with parakeratosis overlying.

Due to the trauma of scratching or rubbing, there is vertically-oriented fibrosis in the dermal papillae. There may also be a mild superficial perivascular lymphocytic infiltrate. Differential Diagnosis: Prurigo nodularis, any process with features of chronic rubbing or scratching. Infectious. For a more complete discussion of candidiasis and dermatophytosis, see the discussion under infections. Clinical: In candidiasis, there are beefy-red papules, erosions, pustules, and/or vesicles, which have a predilection for intertriginous areas.

Shoulder parakeratosis” is a description of when the areas of parakeratosis occur prominently around hair follicle ostium. There are often keratin plugs within the ostium itself. The malpighian layer typically has irregular acanthosis with broad rete ridges. Suprapapillary thinning is not present. Mild spongiosis or acantholysis may be present in a minority of cases. The superficial dermal vascular plexus often has a mild or moderate perivascular or lichenoid lymphocytic infiltrate. Ancillary Studies: PAS and/or GMS stains should be negative for fungal organisms.

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