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Delmar's Agriscience Dictionary with Searchable CD-ROM is the correct resource to maintain abreast of terminology in an ever-changing undefined! a distinct characteristic is the searchable CD-ROM which includes a similar phrases and definitions because the print dictionary

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Burrel–(1) A variety of pear with soft, tasty flesh. (2) Blue-colored wild sheep found in the Himalayas. Burro–A donkey; ass. , in the fibers. AS-27 Bursa–A sac or pouch in connective tissue; specifically in birds, the bursa of fabricious, which is located just inside and above the vent. Bursattae–A skin disease of horses caused by larvae of the large stomach worms Draschia megastoma. The larvae migrate into preexisting wounds or sores on the head and front of the body, making them large and filled with pus.

Catch–(1) A sheep whose fleece is cut after the day’s work has stopped (New Zealand). , a catch of grass or grain. (3) To germinate, sprout, and become established as a crop after sowing. (4) To conceive after breeding, as a mare. Catchment–The area draining into a stream, lake, or discrete sewer. Identical to a watershed. Catfish Farming–A branch of aquaculture in which catfish are raised in constructed ponds and fed a balanced diet. See Aquaculture. Catgut–The tough string manufactured from the intestines of sheep and other animals, used in surgical sutures, musical instruments, etc.

Also called slow gallop. Canvas Jacket–An apron made of canvas or other heavy material which is placed on the back of a female turkey to prevent injury during breeding. Also called saddle, apron. Cap–(1) A piece of metal placed over the end of a log to make it skid over obstacles. (2) The top member of a trestle or similar support. (3) Milk tooth of an animal. (4) The crown of a kernel of corn. (6) To remove the calyx of the berry after it is picked. (7) To place a cover over a stack of hay, bound grain, etc.

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