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By Parnell Hall

Sherry is off on her honeymoon while leader Harper involves Cora Felton, asking her to unravel a crossword puzzle chanced on at the physique of previous guy Overmeyer. Small challenge. Cora is the Milli Vanilli of cruciverbalists. Her niece, Sherry, writes the crossword puzzle column for her. Cora pokes into Overmeyer's demise, hoping to end up he died of traditional motives. She learns the cranky hermit used to be the only surviving member of a forty-year-old inventory pooling contract, and earlier than she will be able to say "capital gain," town is stuffed with heirs. Complicating issues is Sherry's ex-husband, Dennis, who's enjoying detective within the hopes of impressing his ex-wife. With Sherry out of city, her restraining order opposed to him is moot, and he takes complete benefit of the very fact.

With Dead Man's Puzzle, Parnell corridor grants one other stellar, puzzle-packed access in his exciting Puzzle woman sequence

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