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12. For an account, see J. 1 (January 1980): 91–93. 13. For articles on the Taichung Incident, see He Wenzhen , “Qi erba Taizhong shijian zhenxiang ” (The Truth about the July 28 Taichung Incident), Meilidao, 1 (August 1979): 73; and Fan Zhengyou , “Qi erba Taizhong naoju zhi wo guan: Gei Taizhong shimin de gongkai xin : ” (My Viewpoint on the July 28 Taichung Farce: An Open Letter to Taichung’s Citizens), Meilidao, 1 (August 1979): 74–76. 14. The classic account of the Zhongtai Hotel Incident is Wu Zhengshuo , “Zhongtai binguan shijian shimo ” (The Zhongtai Hotel Incident from Beginning to End), Da shidai, 4 (October 1979): 7–19.

93 These data suggest, perhaps even more strongly, that the concept of a Taiwanese entity, separate from that of China, is growing throughout the island. 1 NA NA Clearly, these trends indicate that “Taiwanization” or bentuhua has penetrated deeply within the Taiwan body politic. In mid-November 2003, only four months before the March 20, 2004 presidential election, the “pan-blue” alliance decided to appropriate the Taiwanese or bentu label. Now, the “pan-blue” alliance calls itself the “moderate Taiwan group” (wenhe de bentu pai ) while labeling its opponents as the “radical Taiwan group” (jijin de bentu pai ).

The Chinese Communists are the same as the 38 J. Bruce Jacobs Russian Communists and can disappear at any time. But China will always exist. [Emphasis added] In mid-1992 interviews, Democratic Progressive Party leaders unanimously agreed that the declaration of support for Taiwan independence was a tactical mistake. Another analysis, however, which argues that the issue of Taiwan independence played a minimal role in the election result, stresses two other key factors. First, the Democratic Progressive Party nominated a limited number of candidates and did not organize its campaign well.

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