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Traditionally, whilst one bargains with crystals, the 1st estate to be offered is the periodicity of the lattice, and all equipment of research are in line with this attribute, that's thought of crucial. in truth, crystals fluctuate from the molecules of finite dimension which are studied in chemistry, in simple terms of their tremendous huge variety of debris. in addition, the lifestyles of faces, which restrict the unfold of crystals in area, inevitably breaks the periodicity of the approach. For those purposes it really is average to use to crystals the recommendations and techniques which have been extensively confirmed within the examine of molecules. Pauling first emphasised this aspect 1 and used it to provide an explanation for the digital constitution of crystals, regarded as countless and ideal. the purpose of this paintings is to teach, with assistance from a couple of examples, the chances provided through quantum chemistry for tackling the issues of crystal digital constitution, of crystallographic preparations in addition to their macroscopic form, and of distortion results brought on by the presence of faces. the world regarding the lifestyles of power bands (allowed or forbidden), hole, electrical, magnetic or optical houses are not touched upon.

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This structure is a generalization of the case of B2H6 , where each of two molecular orbitals is constructed from three atomic orbitals: two hybrids of boron and the Is orbital of the bridged hydrogen. The sodium chloride crystal is described by the ensemble of these cubic cells, which fill the entire space. In cesium chloride, CsC~, where each atom is surrounded by eight equivalent neighbors, the orbitals of the elementary cells are built from the four sand E orbitals of chlorine atom, as well as from the eight sP3d3f hybrid orbitals of the neighboring cesium atoms, pointing toward the chlorine atom.

Table 5 indicates the populations of the d orbitals in nickel (cfc) , iron (bcc) , and cobalt (hcp) 51 Table 5. Population of the d orbitals Metal Orbitals: xy Ni 1. 74 Fe Co 1. 32 1. 59 yz zx ~_y2 Z2 1. 74 1. 32 1. 63 1. 74 1. 32 1. 89 1. 52 1. 59 1. 52 1. 56 45 Nevertheless, the asphericity is weak. We shall see farther the effect of faces. 3. Definition of Bond-Ionicity in a Crystal In a crystal with localized orbitals, the presence of nonvanishing net charges around the nuclei can be interpreted as arising from the dissymmetry of partial density distributions 1 ' i 12 corresponding to various localized orbitals.

Formulas (32) and (34) would therefore be applicable to them. Unfortunately, the values of charges in such crystals are not available. Only the NaN0 2 case ~3 seems to show that the net charges are practically ±l. On other hand, one can assume that in the alkali or alkali-earth carbonates and sulfates, the net charges also are integers, because of the large differences in electronegativity between oxygen and these metals. Assuming this hypothesis, the hardness of these crystals is H /3. Table 9 is a comparison of the pq values of H /3 with the observed experimental values.

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