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By S. Ia Serovaiskii, Semen Ya Serovaiskii

This monograph offers with situations the place optimum regulate both doesn't exist or isn't really particular, situations the place optimality stipulations are inadequate of degenerate, or the place extremum difficulties within the feel of Tikhonov and Hadamard are ill-posed, and different events. a proper program of classical optimisation equipment in such circumstances both ends up in improper effects or has no impact. The designated research of those examples should still offer a greater realizing of the fashionable conception of optimum regulate and the sensible problems of fixing extremum difficulties

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Next theorem gives a topological sufficient condition for DS being a distance. By virtue of this result, for any locally finite scale S on a rationally ramified selfsimilar structures, DSα is shown to be a distance for some α > 0 in the next section. 8. Let S = {Λs }0

2. Then L = {K, S , {Fi }i∈S } is a self-similar structure. Let R = {({1, 8, 7}, {3, 4, 5}, ψ1 , x, y)|(x, y) = (2, 1), (2, 3), (9, 8), (4, 9), (6, 7), (5, 6)} ∪ {({1, 2, 3}, {7, 6, 5}, ψ2 , x, y)|(x, y) = (8, 1), (7, 8), (9, 2), (6, 9), (4, 3), (5, 4)}, where ψ1 (1) = 3, ψ1 (8) = 4, ψ1 (7) = 5, ψ2 (1) = 7, ψ2 (2) = 6, ψ2 (3) = 5. Then L is rationally ramified with a relation set R. 1, a self-similar scale S(a) is locally finite with respect to L if and only if a1 = a3 = a5 = a7 , a2 = a6 and a4 = a8 .

2, where ϕ2 was denoted by φ, (X2 , Y2 , ϕ2 , 2, 1) is a relation. ) In the same way, we have a relation set R = {(X1 , Y1 , ϕ1 , 4, 1), (X1 , Y1 , ϕ1 , 3, 2), (X2 , Y2 , ϕ2 , 2, 1), (X2 , Y2 , ϕ2 , 3, 4)}. Let a = (ai )i∈S ∈ (0, 1)S and let b = (bi )i∈S ∈ (0, 1)S . 6 implies that S(a) ∼ S(b) if and only if there exists δ > 0 such that log bi / log ai = δ for GE any i ∈ S. 1, S(a) is locally finite with respect to L if and only if a1 = a2 = a3 = a4 . Hence,there is only one equivalence class in S(Σ)/∼ which consists of locally finite scales.

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