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Руководство по применению приложений VBA в среде CorelDraw X3. Официальное учебное издание Корпорации COREL©. visible simple For software (VBA) в CorelDRAW используется во всем мире как платформа для разработки мощных корпоративных графических решений, а также для расширения и оптимизации технологического процесса дизайнера в среде CorelDRAW.

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The zoom is set as a double value in percent. 0 You can also zoom the ActiveView member with various member functions: ToFitAllObjects, ToFitArea, ToFitPage, ToFitPageHeight, ToFitPageWidth, ToFitSelection, ToFitShape, ToFitShapeRange, and SetActualSize. Panning To pan the ActiveView member, move its origin. This can easily be done by modifying the OriginX and OriginY properties of the ActiveView member.

Despite this, members of collections can be accessed in the same way as arrays. For example, a collection that is used frequently in CorelDRAW is the collection of shapes on a layer: the object ActiveLayer references either the current layer or the layer that is selected in the CorelDRAW Object Manager docker. CorelDRAW contains many collections: a document contains pages, a page contains layers, a layer contains shapes, a curve contains subpaths, a subpath contains segments and nodes, a text range contains lines and words, a group contains shapes, and the application contains windows.

3 Select a macro in the Command list. 4 Click the General tab. 5 Type the tooltip in the Tooltip help box. Associating images or icons with macros Commands can have a small image or icon associated with them. This icon can be displayed or hidden on toolbars and menus, and it can be sized as small (16 × 16 pixels), medium (32 × 32 pixels), or large (48 × 48 pixels). To associate an image or icon with a macro 1 Click Workspace ` Customization ` Commands. 2 Choose Macros from the Commands list box.

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