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By P. R. Hooper (auth.), J. D. Macdougall (eds.)

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Symbols as for Fig. 7. CONCLUSIONS The basalts and associated volcanic rocks historically included within the CRBG are viewed as three separate packages. First, the Main Series which forms the principal focus of this review. The Main Series includes the Imnaha, Grande Ronde and Wanapum Basalts (>95% by volume of the CRBG), erupted from NNW fissures in the southeast comer of the Columbia Plateau in less than four million years (Fig. 2). ). R. 709 (2448) en ~ <0 IX) ...... ''''-- ... ~I @. 703 200 0 400 0 600 800 1000 1200 Ba/Ti Fig.

RC-2; 6. RC-3; 7. High-Mg Picture Gorge; 8. Low-Mg Picture Gorge; 9. High-Mg Grande Ronde; 10. Low-Mg Grande Ronde; 11. Very High-Mg Grande Ronde; 12. Robinette Mtn; 13. Dodge; 14. Shwnaker Creek; 15. Frenclunan Springs; 16. Rosa; 17. Rosalia; 18. Lolo; 19. Umatilla; 20. Wilbur Creek; 21. Asotin; 22. Esquatzel; 23. Pomona; 24. Elephant Mtn; 25. Basin City; 26. Martindale; 27. Goose Island; 28. Lower Monwnental; 29. Steens Mtn; 30. High-AI basalts of the Oregon Plateau; 31. Snake River Plain olivine tholeiites.

Acta 48, 2357-2372. W. D. Macdougall (1981). Columbia River volcanism: The question of mantle heterogeneity or crustal contamination. Ceochim. Cosmochim. Acta 45,2483-2499. S. D. Bentley (1973). Picture Gorge and Yakima Basalt between Clarno and Butte Creek, Oregon. Ceol. Soc. Amer. Abstr. Prog. 5, 23. G. (1980). A model for flood basalt volcanism. Jour. Petrol. 21,629-650. A. (1982). A captured island chain in the coast range of Oregon and Washington. Jour. Ceophys. Res. 87,10827-10837. F. (1984).

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