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Groups should be of other varieties, and exist at varied degrees in society. what sort of neighborhood is efficacious on the point of the kingdom and what's its importance for groups above and under that point? This publication systematically explores the bounds that beliefs of political group position on cultural range in the country, and the boundaries that, in flip, beliefs of worldwide group position at the self-determination of political groups. will probably be of curiosity to scholars of political concept, philosophy and diplomacy.

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See D. Regan, ‘Authority and Value: ReXections on Raz’s The Morality of Freedom’, Southern California Law Review, vol. 62, 1989, p. 1047. 42 The value of community 43 When assessing the value of community, it is also important to distinguish between instrumental and non-instrumental value, and to contrast that distinction with a more problematic one between intrinsic and extrinsic value. When something has non-instrumental value, it has value as an end in itself (and is valuable for its own sake in that sense), whereas when it has instrumental value, it has value as a means to something else.

For further discussion, see R. Hardin, One for All: The Logic of Group ConXict (Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1995), pp. 6–10. The nature of community 25 belong to some group in such a way that it is appropriate to regard it as contributing to her identity even if she does not identify with it and could not be brought to do so. To give a hackneyed example, the fact that a person belongs to the class of people with brown hair does not mean that she is a member of that group in a sense that is relevant to her identity on any sensible view of what that involves.

To organize his slaves, the wage-earners, into a co-operation for production so well arranged that it requires little but his own elimination to make it a foundation for communal life . ’46 The communal life is one which ÃÃ See Modood, Not Easy Being British, especially pp. 54–5. ÃÕ The notion of solidarity which is central to the moralized concept gives that concept an important explanatory role too: ‘Solidarity is . . a way of being interested in what is happening to one’s fellow group members, and from it springs the capacity to act as a group’ (May, The Morality of Groups, p.

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