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By G. V. Samsonov, A. P. Epik (auth.), Henry H. Hausner (eds.)

The homes of fabrics depend upon the features of the majority and on these of the surf ace. Any swap in floor features impacts a large choice of fabric homes. over the last few years the function of floor phenomena in metallurgy has been the topic of many reports. floor power, floor rigidity, the task of surfaces, and similar difficulties are less than dialogue within the western global * in addition to within the japanese global. t The relation among quantity and floor houses in metals and alloys has been investigated and continues to be below research. fabrics are usually uncovered to environments which swap their actual and chemical features because of a response occurring among the fabric floor and the surroundings. The technology and expertise of floor education ro increase fabric houses have won significance over the past decade in lots of elements of the realm. major efforts were targeted particularly at the coating of fabric surfaces in reference to the publicity of those fabrics to area en­ vironment.

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Saturation was effected from the gaseous phase under conditions ensuring the formation, on the surface, of layers consisting predominantly of carbide phases of the corresponding element. Chromizing, vanadizing,and niobizing were carried out at noo·c for 6 hr, tungstenizing and molybdenizing at 1200·C, saturation with manganese at 800·C, also for 6 hr. Owing, evident! y, to intense decarburizing in tungstenizing and molybdenizing, it was not possible to produce a singlephase carbide zone on the surface of steel.

A depth of a depth of HV. HV. HV. 2 kg / mm kg/ mm2 kg/m m2 1500 3200 3200 3200 1500 1500 1500 3200 3200 3200 3200 640 550 575 705 880 720 760 585 530 740 760 250 -355 430 540 540 490 555 405 460 545 605 Ultimate tensile stre n gth . 0 4, 0 In the diffusion la yers of carbides on titanium, zirconium, niobium, and tantalum, the carbon coment varies according to the homogeneity regions of the corresponding carbide phases, this appearing in a variation in hardness, which fans from the peripheral part of the layer to the layer adjoining the coated metal.

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