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By Stephen M. Palfrey

Assembles unique protocols designed solely for scientific purposes, usually defined via the scientists who built or subtle them of their personal laboratories. They provide new and extra robust assays for lots of regimen serum and blood assessments now usually played in scientific laboratories, together with serum and urine proteins; hemoglobin separation; and detecting CSF proteins, lipoproteins, myoglobin, cryoglobulins, and cathepsin D. The protocols for DNA research contain double-stranded DNA research, the prenatal analysis of Down's syndrome, Rh D/d genotyping, picking the mutated p53 oncogene, and detecting microsatellite instability in melanoma.

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Hemoglobin is the peak most often detected in urine. Hemoglobin variants, such as S and C, do not interfere with the MI peak (the chief myoglobin peak in urine). 5. Over 100 samples can be injected onto the capillary without any major deterioration in the separation. The use of high ionic strength buffers, with acid washing between injections, contributes to good separation and long capillary life. 6. Myoglobin in urine is not stable, regardless of the storage conditions. Once the sample is denatured, its solubility decreases and it behaves differently in most separation media.

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