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The output of the ADC (a 12-bit number) is stored in the lower bits of a 16-bit register (ADCBUF0). A while loop waits for the conversion process to be completed. Then the value in ADCBUF0 is read into the unsigned integer variable (adcvalue), converted into a floating-point variable (fadcvalue), and scaled by the 5-V ADC input range. Next, the floating-point voltage (fadcvalue) is converted into a temperature by subtracting off the bias voltage, dividing by the amplifier gain, and adding back a temperature equivalent to the bias voltage.

A programmable system-on-chip PERFORMANCE. 0 interface, handles all USB host and data transfer functions in single IC. - On-chip 16-bit Harvard architecture MCU core with 256 Kbyte Flash and 16kbyte RAM. - External UART, FIFO, SPI Slave, SPI Master, GPIO and PWM interfaces. - Vinculum-II software development tools available for user application development. - Multiple package size options including VNC1L backwards compatible package option. - Targeted for range of USB applications, from portable media devices and cell phones to industrial and automotive applications.

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