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By Willa Y. Garner and John Harvey, Jr. (Eds.)

content material: Chemical and organic brokers in wooded area pest administration : ancient assessment / Virgil H. Freed --
Use of herbicides for commercial woodland plants administration within the southern usa / Larry R. Nelson, Dean H. Gjerstad, and Patrick J. Minogue --
administration of bark beetle populations : influence of manipulating predator cues and different regulate strategies / T. Evan Nebeker, Russell F. Mizell, III, and Norman J. Bedwell --
intercourse pheromones and their capability as keep watch over brokers for wooded area Lepidoptera in japanese Canada / P.J. Silk and L.P.S. Kuenen --
Mass trapping of Ips typographus with pheromone-baited traps / Reidar Lie --
Baculovirus : an enticing organic substitute / Mauro E. Martignoni --
built-in pest administration (IPM) in forestry / John Neisess --
Technological development in aerial program of insecticides / Robert B. Ekblad and John W. Barry --
actual parameters affecting plane spray software / Norman B. Akesson and Wesley E. Yates --
Deposition of chemical and organic brokers in conifers / John W. Barry --
Droplet deposition and float in wooded area spraying / Charles J. Wiesner --
Modeling of aerial spray waft and cover penetration / Richard okay. Dumbauld --
Air stream in forested components : impact on aerial software of fabrics / Leo J. Fritschen --
significance of volatilization as a pathway for pesticide loss from wooded area soils / W.F. Spencer, W.A. Jury, and W.J. Farmer --
Vapor part redistribution of aminocarb and transformation items from leaf surfaces / W.D. Marshall, W.N. xmas, and D.J. Ecobichon --
Implications of pesticide photochemistry in forestry purposes / Donald G. Crosby --
destiny of chemical pesticides in foliage and wooded area clutter / J.A. Armstrong --
destiny of chemical pesticides in aquatic environments : woodland spraying in Canada / K.M.S. Sundaram, P.D. Kingsbury, and S.B. Holmes --
destiny of fenitrothion in shaded and unshaded ponds / Greg P. Malis and Derek C.G. Muir --
Bioaccumulation of a few forestry insecticides in fish and aquatic vegetation / W.L. Lockhart, D.A. Metner, B.N. Billeck, G.P. Rawn, and D.C.G. Muir --
tracking human publicity in the course of pesticide software within the woodland / T.L. Lavy and J.D. Mattice --
Pesticide go with the flow : toxicological and social effects / James M. Witt --
Ecotoxicity of adjuvants utilized in aerial spraying / Pearl Weinberger and R. Greenhalgh --
Environmental effect evaluate of pesticides utilized in Canadian forests / P.D. Kingsbury --
Mount St. Helens : the may perhaps 1980 eruptions and woodland rehabilitation / Jack okay. Winjum --
Use, ecotoxicology, and threat review of herbicides within the woodland / Logan A. Norris.

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Naturwissenschaften 1976 63, 92 2. Bakke, A. ; Froye, P. ; Skattebol, L . , Naturwissen­ schaften 1977 64, 98 3. Bakke A. ; Strand, L . ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1984. 6 Baculovirus: An Attractive Biological Alternative MAURO E. S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Forestry Sciences Laboratory, Pacific Northwest Forest and Range Experiment Station, Corvallis, OR 97331 Insect pathogens, in general, have less impact on the environment pesticides becaus the target pest and very low or absent mammalian toxicity-pathogenicity.

However, environmental and human health considerations have recently lead to a re-assessment of current insecticide usage and also to serious examination of potential new strategies for managing insect-susceptible and insect-damaged forests. Behavior modifying chemicals, pheromones in particular, offer one of the potential alternatives for future control and management of forest Lepidoptera. These semiochemicals are generally non-toxic and highly specific for target insects, but their use in forest ecosystems is not without problems and possible limitations.

N. J. Georgia Entomol. Soc. 1981, 16, 301-316. 3. Berisford, C. W. in "The Southern Pine Beetle" Thatcher, R. ; J . L. Searcy; J . E. Coster; G. D. Hertel, Eds. USDA-FS-SEA Tech. Bull 1631, 1980; 31-52. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1984. 3. NEBEKER ET AL. Management of Bark Beetle Populations 33 4. Goyer, R. ; G. J. Lenhart; T. E. Nebeker; L. D. Jarrard. USDA-FS Agric. Handbook #563, 1980. 5. Swain, K. ; M. C. Remion. USDA Agr. Handbook No. 575, 1980. 6. Mizell, R.

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