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By H. McConnell (auth.), H. McConnell MD, FRCPC, J. Bianchine MD, PhD (eds.)

Scientists have speculated as to the character of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) - "the 3rd flow" or "vital spirit" for hundreds of years. simply what's this mysterious bathing answer of the crucial fearful approach? Is it a car of shipping for an "animal spirit" directing all our actions, as idea through Galen (Singer, 1956) or yet a "modified faucet water" (Halliburton, 1917)? With the appearance of lumbar puncture, cerebrospinal fluid has turn into a on hand and demanding technique of learning ailment affecting the apprehensive process. lately, many subtle instruments together with com­ puter guided gasoline chromatography/mass spectrometry and excessive functionality liquid chromatography have made it attainable to spot and quantify many ingredients of this fluid. The CSF has an immense, although principally "untapped", strength in supporting prognosis and comparing remedy of many neurological, psychiatric and systemic problems. because the ependyma is barely a diffusional barrier among the CSF and extracellular fluid of the mind for plenty of compounds, alterations within the focus of those compounds within the CSF may possibly replicate affliction procedures within the brain.

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The choroid plexus is not the only source of CSF. The failure of plexectomy to cure hydrocephalus as well as experiments involving isolated aqueduct of Sylvius perfusion and inhibitors of choroidal secretion have provided evidence for the extrachoroidal secretion of CSF. Assessing the quantity of the rates of choroidal versus extrachoroidal CSF secretion is technically difficult. Estimates have ranged from 30% to 70% of the total CSF being produced by the choroid plexus (Segal and Pollay, 1977; Milhorat, 1976; Welch, 1975b; Krieg, 1979).

The arachnoid cells are joined by tight junctions (Rosenberg, 1990). CSF is formed at a hydrostatic pressure head of about 15 cm Hp (Rapoport, 1976) and it is the hydrostatic pressure difference between the CSF and the sagital sinus that drives the CSF across the arachnoid villi. The rectified channels seem to act like pores that are wide enough to permit molecules the size of serum globulins (about 100 Angstroms) to pass. , 1987). There is controversy over the nature of these channels and over the physiological mechanisms of transport across them.

The choroid plexus in vitro can concentrate penicillin, and is thought to be the site for this efflux transport mechanism. Although an efflux system at the blood-brain interface is possible, it is believed that if present, it would not be as effective as that of the choroid plexus (Lorenzo and Spector, 1976). Penicillin is cleared from the eSF to the blood much faster than it can enter by that route. This is fairly general for many drugs except for example salicylic acid and possibly morphine (Lorenzo, 1977).

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