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1. Sample III represents the native molecule as isolated from the ascites fluid of syngeneic strain A mice bearing TA3-Ha cells. Based upon immunochemical and chromatographic studies (18) similar molecules are believed to exist in the serum of tumor-bearing mice. Epiglycanin Cm) contains about 75% carbohydrate and 25% protein and is characterized by large proportions of galactose (28-33%) , iV-acetylgalactosamine (27-32%l) , and sialic acid (|12r 14%) and contains lesser amounts of i\^-acetylglucosamine (37%).

1 - her of small vesicles surrounding the cisternae that are probably cross sections of tubules attached to the cisternae, and large vesicles full of particles that are probably precursors of low density lipoproteins secreted by the Golgi apparatus of liver (14). We have carried out extensive chemical and enzymatic characterization of the Golgi apparatus of liver as compared to endoplasmic reticulum and plasma membranes, two membranes with which it must interact to mediate the transport of secretory products out of the cell.

Cell Surface Carbohydrate 29 Chemistry SUBCELLULAR LOCALIZATION OF SOME PROTEIN GLYCOSYLTRANSFERASES Our approach to understanding the role of the Golgi apparatus in the cell has been to isolate fractions from mammalian tissues rich in Golgi apparatus and to assay directly what activities are present in these fractions compared to other purified cell components such as plasma membranes, mitochondria, nuclei, and endoplasmic reticulum. In order to accomplish this, we were obliged to develop methods for the isolation of Golgi apparatus from liver since methods for the isolation of the other organelles were already well developed.

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