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MVIC/sales b. MVIC/net income c. MVIC/EBIT d. MVIC/EBITDA 2. All of the following time periods are valid for earnings in the guideline public company method EXCEPT: a. Five years average historical earnings b. Immediate past 12 month’s earnings c. One year ahead projected earnings d. Five years ahead average projected earnings 3. Which of the following is the best statement regarding adjustments to guideline public financial statements? a. They should be adjusted to eliminate extraordinary and/or nonrecurring items.

III. In the capitalization method, all changes in expected future returns are captured in the denominator, not in the numerator. IV. The discounting method is a shorter version of the capitalization method. a. I, II b. II , III c. III, IV d. II 2. The capitalization rate equals: a. The growth rate minus the discount rate b. The discount rate minus the growth rate c. The growth rate plus the discount rate d. The discount rate plus the growth rate 34 Income Approach: Capitalization Method 35 3. The capitalization method produces the same value as the discounting method if: a.

10. What is the term used to allow an opposing attorney to question a witness about his or her qualifications after the expert’s qualifications have been presented to the court but before the court has decided to qualify the witness as an expert? PART II Terminology and Notation 13 Chapter 5 International Glossary of Business Valuation Terms The language of finance has so many ambiguities that it is difficult enough to get one professional business valuation group to agree on definitions of terms, let alone five.

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