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By Graham K. Wilson

Thoroughly rewritten all through for this third edition, company and Politics presents a survey of the several styles of business-government family that exist in complicated industrialised societies. The influence of globalization presents the start line for a extra thematically-informed method which still keeps the point of interest on particular comparability of a number key nations which made the 1st versions the sort of well known textual content.

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Such considerations have led many observers to argue that American government agencies are unusually susceptible to 'capture' by the interests with which they deal. Agencies can be coerced as well as persuaded to fall in with their 'clients" view of good public policy. Yet such arguments can be taken too far by neglecting the importance of party politics. Democratic Administrations have been quite likely to appoint people more sympathetic to environmental protection or labour unions to key positions, while the Republicans have appointed quite consistently officials sympathetic to business.

A more vigorously conservative wing of the party, in contrast, sought to 'roll back' the advance of 'big government' by reducing government expenditures on welfare, the rights of unions and government 'interference' with business through regulation. This right wing of the Republican Party enjoyed the support of small 'Main Street' business, and from Business and Politics in the USA 35 the growing industries of the South and South-West. Its presidential candidates - Taft, Goldwater, and Reagan - were committed to a more radical contraction of government than other Republicans thought politically possible (or practically desirable).

These craft unions formed the American Federation of Labor (AFL). Union involvement in politics was confined to issues affecting their rights, or which strengthened their bargaining position, such as the exclusion of Chinese labourers. A very different type of union gained ground in the 1930s, typically industry-wide, based on mass production or heavy industries such as steel or cars. These unions, which formed the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO), shared a generally social democratic approach to politics, the most famous exemplar being Walter Reuther of the United Auto Workers who became President of the CIO.

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