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By Alberto Lavîn Fernández, Carmelo Mazza (auth.)

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Maybe because of this reduced lead time and high-intensity characterization of crisis (Weick, 1993; Weick, 1988; Allison and Zelikow, 1999), this type of short and sudden crisis has been a main focus of investigation, while less attention has been comparatively paid to more structural or longer duration crises or environmental threats (Staw, Sandelands and Dutton, 1981; Gladstein and Reilly, 1985; Milburn, Schuler and Watman, 1983). This duration ingredient is relevant as there are no clear references in the past for crises of this dimension and length that we can benefit from in our analysis, with the only possible exception being the downturn immediately following the 1929 crash, as accounted by John Kenneth Galbraith (1954) and the sociological work of Karl Polanyi (1957).

1 Negative relationship diversity vs. ,1993 Complementing research providing evidence that individual managers perform better to the extent that they interact regularly with dissimilarly-minded others; this gives a systematic consideration of factors affecting propensities to use such advice resources and that cognitive diversity of networks of CEOs seems to influence their propensity to use others and, hence, positively affect focal company performance. Contrary to mainstream theory, their findings are consistent with arguments that demographic heterogeneity may detract from team cohesiveness and agreement and negatively affect performance.

The interviews took place during the second half of 2011 and early 2012, expanding across a total period of approximately 35 weeks. The average duration of the interviews was 58 minutes. Approximately one fifth of the sources were interviewed two or more times to confirm interpretations. Quotes from sources have been cleaned of anything that could lead to the identification of the interviewees. Moreover, all colloquial expressions that might be linked to specific sources have been removed or replaced with neutral or non-traceable expressions.

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