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The infection, mainly of birds, is caused by the Arizona group of the enterobacteriaceae – closely related to the salmonellae and the coliform group. Young birds can be infected by contact or through the egg. Nervous symptoms and eye lesions are characteristic in birds surviving the initial acute illness. Over 300 antigenically distinct serotypes of Arizona have been identified. One at least appears to be host- adapted to sheep, and has Arsenic, Poisoning By been recovered from scouring sheep, from ewes which died in pregnancy and from aborted fetuses.

In addition, 21 muscle relaxants such as gallamine or suxamethonium may also be used to facilitate certain procedures. If the animal is a food animal, care must be taken to observe any precautions indicated by the drug manufacturer to avoid drug residues accumulating in meat or milk. In all cases, the manufacturers’ recommendations as to dosage must be followed. Endotracheal anaesthesia This technique depends upon the introduction into the trachea of a tube which connects with the outside. The tube is passed via the mouth under a narcotic or anaesthetic, such as pentobarbital, given intravenously, and may then be used as the route for an inhalant anaesthetic mixture.

As a consequence, treatment should be mainly directed to ensuring that the animal is comfortable, provided with plenty of bedding, is turned over on to the opposite side 3 or 4 times a day if she does not turn herself, and receives a laxative diet so that constipation Anodynes are pain-relieving drugs. Anthrax may not occur. Mashes, green food, and a variety in the food stuffs offered, are indicated. When the paralysis has occurred a considerable time before parturition is due, it is often necessary to produce artificial abortion of the fetus and so relieve the uterus of its heavy encumbrance.

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