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By Ngaio Marsh

Ng'ombwana is a (fictional) African kingdom to have emerged within the wake of colonialism; because it occurs, its President is Inspector Alleyn's old-fashioned friend, the "Boomer." old-fashioned ties being what they're, the Boomer – making an reputable stopover at to London – insists that Alleyn deal with his protection, instead of Her Majesty's targeted department. The certain department isn't top happy approximately this, because the Boomer is understood to have a few very lethal enemies, and the threats in basic terms elevate whilst the Ng'ombwanan ambassador is killed. fortunately for the Boomer, not just is Alleyn as much as the duty, yet he's assisted through the rescued cat Lucy Lockett, who could have misplaced her pocket yet proves super adept at discovering clues.

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