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By David S. Chang, Foster D. Lasley, Indra J. Das, Marc S. Mendonca, Joseph R. Dynlacht (auth.)

This booklet is a concise and well-illustrated evaluation of the physics and biology of radiation remedy meant for radiation oncology citizens, radiation therapists, dosimetrists, and physicists. It offers issues which are incorporated at the Radiation treatment Physics and Biology examinations and is designed with the reason of proposing info in an simply digestible layout with greatest retention in brain. The inclusion of mnemonics, principles of thumb, and reader-friendly illustrations in the course of the ebook support to make tough innovations more straightforward to know. Basic Radiotherapy Physics and Biology is a helpful reference for college kids and potential scholars in each self-discipline of radiation oncology.

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2. • Photons can be produced by the nucleus (γ-rays, ex: 60Co) or by interactions of electron orbitals (X-rays, Ex: 125I). • Electrons may be ejected as Auger electrons or as Beta Particles. • Alpha particles are produced by radioactive decay of heavy nuclei. X-ray Tube Diagnostic Energies • Used for plain X-ray imaging, mammography, CT scans, etc. • Brehmsstrahlung x-rays are produced whenever fast-moving electrons interact with matter. 25 PRODUCTION AND PROPERTIES OF RADIATION Copper anode Incoming electrons from cathode Angled tungsten target Deflected electron with energy lost Bremsstrahulung X-rays Focal point X-ray tube Fig.

02 MeV and above. • Dominant Interaction at: 10 MeV and above (Fig. 5). 02 MeV (usually much more) interacts with the electric field of an atomic nucleus, and explodes into an electron and a positron (evil anti-electron in figure). 02 MeV needed to create them (this is the resting energy of the positron and electron by E ¼ MC2). Hi guys! Pair production POOF! 511 MeV I will kill you! 511 MeV Fig. 5 Pair production: A photon is traveling with so much energy that when it hits the electric field of the electron orbitals, it explodes into an electron and an evil positron out of thin air.

The loop is controlled by a magnetic field and with each pass of the electron as it gains energy, the loop becomes larger. • The electrons are eventually captured by a collector tube at the desired energy with the associated radius of the loop. • This concept can produce electrons of very high energy (up to 1,500 MeV). • Another form of microtron is called a racetrack microtron that uses straight courses with bending magnets on the ends to swing the beam in a “racetrack shape” (See Fig. 5). 32 CYCLOTRON Fig.

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