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By Guillaume Burckel, Jean-Luc Syren, Valérie Walter

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Im bewährten Kurskonzept der 21-Tage-Reihe erfahren Sie einfach alles, was once guy zur Java 2 Plattform wissen muss: von der Java-Syntax über OOP bis zur GUI-Programmierung mit Swing. In der zusätzlichen Bonuswoche der Neuauflage werden überdies die Themen Environments, Applets, Accessibility, Java Servlets, Java Server Pages, XML und mehr behandelt.

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Normal Template Libraries (STL) have been created to supply C++ programmers with a collection of rusable courses, or strains of code, which may be utilized by all people to extend programming productiveness and caliber. This publication is the definitive reference on C++ programming utilizing STL, because it used to be written via the staff that created the library.

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Das Buch bietet eine kompakte Einf? hrung in die Softwareentwicklung mit Java. Dabei liegt der Fokus eher auf Konzepten und Methoden als auf Sprachelementen. Die Konzepte werden anhand der beispielhaften Realisierung von Projekten vermittelt. Dabei setzt der Autor auf kreative Projektbeispiele, die verschiedene Gebiete der Informatik streifen wie z.

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This class also contains methods for testing whether a character is a letter, digit, and so on. The only constructor available for the Character class takes the value of the character it represents as its only parameter: public Character(char value) You can use the charValue method to get the char value stored in a Character object: public char charValue() The Character class contains many static methods to classify characters: Method Description isDigit A numeric digit between 0-9. isLetter An alphabetic character.

IsLetterOrDigit An alphabetic character or numeric digit. isLowerCase A lowercase alphabetic character. isUpperCase An uppercase alphabetic character. isJavaLetter A letter, `$', or `_'. isJavaLetterOrDigit A letter, digit, `$', or `_'. isSpace A space, new line, return, tab, or form feed. isTitleCase Special two-letter upper and lowercase letters. Each of these classification methods returns a boolean value that is true if the letter belongs to that classification. For example, isLetter(`a') returns true, but isDigit(`a') returns false.

Public class TestLoader extends Object { public static void main(String[] args) { // Create the class loader. Note: myLoader must be declared as MyClassLoader // and not ClassLoader because the loadClass method in ClassLoader is // protected, not public. printStackTrace(); } } } The SecurityManager Class The SecurityManager class is one of the keys to Java's security. It contains an assortment of methods to check to see whether a particular operation is permitted. The various Java system classes, such as the Applet class, the network classes, and the file classes, all check with the security manager before performing potentially hazardous operations.

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