Download Autumn Nightmares (Changeling the Lost) by Jess Hartley, Matthew McFarland, Travis Stout, Chuck Wendig PDF

By Jess Hartley, Matthew McFarland, Travis Stout, Chuck Wendig

"A Chronicle booklet, a big variety of antagonists for any chronicl. elevated info at the precise Fae who rule in Arcadia or were banished to the mortal international"

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Turning Coat The burden of privateering weighs heavy on the soul, and those not made of stern stuff are often dragged down into the cold embrace of insanity, joining the ranks of the Mad. Loyalists, for reasons already mentioned, seldom end up traveling this road. The Gentry see no reason a trivial thing like madness should excuse a servant from his duties. A loyalist whose master is destroyed or banished, however, might become one of the Mad, and there are occasions when, for his own inscrutable motives, one of the True Fae simply abandons a servant no longer useful or entertaining to his own devices.

One on one, he favors his trusty knife or spear. Should he find himself outmatched, he has no qualms about retreating to fight another day. Every changeling must die to close the gates of Arcadia, true, but if Tommy dies before all the others, who will carry on his work? Given the Bloody Nail’s leader and founder’s intellect (or lack thereof) and favored tactics, it is highly unlikely that the group will remain secret for long. The Bloody Nail works best as a short-term antagonist, good for perhaps a single story as the main antagonist or maybe a few stories if they are placed in the background.

He knew fear was power from his years patrolling the Baron of the Black Gate’s haunted lands. It wasn’t until later, after a harrowing trip through the Hedge with his first motley of which he was the sole survivor, that he stumbled upon the “revelation” that led to his new philosophy. The old hound gathered a new motley to him and “persuaded” them to come around to his way of thinking, and now they haunt the back roads and forgotten highways, reminding folk of what it is to fear the Others. Description: A grizzled, leathery old man in his mid50s, Shuck looks like the typical weather-beaten old farmer, all denim work shirts and John Deere ball caps.

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