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By Etzkowitz H., Kemelgor C., Uzzi B.

This compelling paintings exposes the hidden obstacles that confront ladies at each juncture alongside the medical profession direction. Its vibrant own bills provide a sobering view of the results those stumbling blocks have at the own lives of ladies. The authors argue that girls can reach the medical place of work by way of effectively dealing with "social capital," these networks and relationships scientists depend on for pro help and new principles. this is often very important analyzing for all scientists and social scientists, and for girls contemplating a systematic occupation.

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A typical response was that of a four-year-old boy who said, ‘ . . ’ The strength of the male identification with technology was also indicated by a boy who referred to a picture of a woman at a computer as ‘he’. Yet in several instances rigid classifications by sex appeared to be less fixed as some of the children were able to identify both sexes with the role of the scientist. ’ ‘Something in a science. She’s looking. Doing gravity. Making things fly. Someone who makes things we never saw before.

Otherwise, a disproportionate number of women ‘ . . will lose their positions . . unless preventive measures are devised’ (Ruivo, 1987:390). Even when they retain their positions, a disproportionate number of women are to be found on the lower rungs of the job ladder in many scientific and engineering organizations. OVERCOMING RESISTANCE TO WOMEN IN SCIENCE Despite often having to put up a brave front in order to gain acceptance from their male peers, successful women scientists as well as other female professionals are becoming more willing to acknowledge the greater burden that they carry as women, and to seek changes in career structures and work styles.

Some colleges have tried to separate education from evaluation by scheduling examinations after blocks of courses, for example in a ‘junior examination’. For the most part the examination has remained a part of the course, also serving as a sorting mechanism to place students into different categories. The highest category traditionally has been the few students most worthy of personal attention from the master: those most likely to have the abilities and inclination to become masters themselves.

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