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By Klara Berei, Siegfried H. Eberle, H. W. Kirby, Helmut Münzel, Kurt Rössler, Arnulf Seidel, László Vasáros (auth.), Hans Karl Kugler, Cornelius Keller (eds.)

Astatine is - in addition to radon and francium - the one usual radioelement which in simple terms has short-Lived isotopes, thereby except experiments with . . weighable" quantities of the point. this means that each one on hand facts on physics and chemistry of this aspect are 12 sixteen in response to experiments at the tracer scale with 10- to ten- g - and this may additionally now not swap in destiny simply because no longer-Lived isotopes as but recognized are to be anticipated. for the reason that the one isotope of At happening within the common decay sequence, 219At, effects from the zero. 005% a-branching of 223Fr which itself is produced through the one 1. 38% a-branching of 227 Ac - a member of the 235U sequence - there is not any likelihood to get well tremendous quantities of 219At from common assets for clinical study of At. All reviews, for this reason, are being performed with the isotopes 209At to 211At having half-lives within the few hours zone and being acquired through irradiation of bismuth with a-particles through (a,xn) reactions or by means of proton irradiation of heavy components through spallation reactions. The in general used isotope is 7. 22 h 211At. the quick separation of the got At isotopes is not any very tricky technique and is both being performed by means of rainy adsorption-precipitation innovations or applying its excessive volatility via destilling in air.

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32 MeV (syst) [30] Sp 2702 ± 8 keV [30] levels: see Table 3/12, p. 06 h [109] further references [31, 47] Gmelin Handbook Astatine (At) References on pp . 87/94 71.

Recent References", covering the periods 1969 to 1975 and 1975 to 1977, are also available [80,81]. Bibliographic information on structure and decay data are also provided in the IN IS Atomindex published by the International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna. To enable a quick overview a section of the Karlsruhe Chart of Nuclides [79] is shown in Fig. 20/1. ). 019 number of nucleons, symbol of the element abundance in natural element (in at. %) thermal neutron capture cross section (in 10- 28 m2) for the formation of 210mBi and 21oBi, respectively The colors designate the mode of decay yellow red blue white black a decay /3+ decay and electron capture (8) /3- decay isomeric transition stable nuclide Gmelin Handbook Astatine (At) Astatine-196.

31 Morek et at. 2 keV which they attributed to an isomeric transition in 203At. 3 keV with a half-Life of 110 ± 10 ms in 203At. However. 20 min [86]. this recommended vaLue is based on the data given in [32. 35. 45. 51 . 52]. further references [32. 46 to 49. 52. 53] a decay : [54]. 6% [48. 49]. 31 ±3% [34] . 3 [30] Fig. 3-7 103 8 6 I. (jl 3 0 2 X 0 0 Ll c o i 0 0 0 0 ~ I. 0 X 0 0 X

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