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By Terry Gander; Hans-Joachim Zurek

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Bilanzgestaltung : fallorientierte Bilanzerstellung und Beratung

Die Erstellung einer Bilanz gehört zum Kerngeschäft des Steuerberaters. Neben dem reinen Zahlenwerk und dem klassischen Bilanzrecht treffen bei der Bilanzerstellung jedoch auch Interessen und Zielvorstellungen der Unternehmer, Banken oder Aktionäre aufeinander. Das Werk erläutert daher nicht nur den Weg zu einer steueroptimalen Bilanzgestaltung, sondern auch zu einer entsprechenden Berücksichtigung der kaufmännischen Sicht.

German methods of warfare in the Libyan Desert

This can be a close learn of German strategies in North Africa utilizing fundamental resource fabric together with eye-witness testimony and captured German files. It was once produced for officials of the USA' army in order that they may well higher comprehend the strategies of German armor and infantry devices.

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For this purpose armored wedges would have to be driven deep into western Russia and the bulk of the Red Army would have to be destroyed before it had a chance to withdraw. The Russians would probably try to stem the tide by defending prepared positions along the new and former borders as well as by holding the numerous river lines west of the Dnepr and Dvina Rivers. It was to be expected that the Soviet command would make a special effort to hold the Baltic States and the coastal provinces along the Black Sea as long as possible in order to keep important air and naval bases in its possession.

Finnish Army High Command. Karelian Isthmus forces: 7 divisions west of Viipuri. b. Karelian Army: 5 divisions, 1 cavalry and 2 light infantry brigades in the area northeast of Lake Ladoga. c. Other forces: 1 division in the Lieksa area, 1 division blocking Hanko, 1 German division as reserve. (2) German Army of Norway. a. Finnish III Corps: 2 Finnish divisions in the SuomussalmiKuusamo area. b. German XXXVI Corps: 1 Finnish and 11/2 German divisions in the area east of Rovaniemi. c. German Mountain Corps Norway: 2 German mountain divisions in the Kirkenes area.

In addition, Romania's mission will call for tying down enemy forces in the south, wherever no German units are committed, and lending assistance in maintaining the lines of communications. Finland will cover the concentration of the German Force North (elements of Force XXI) which will be transferred from Norway, and the Finnish troops will operate in conjunction with this force. Moreover, Finland will have to neutralize Hanko. It may be assumed that, by the start of the campaign at the latest, there will be a possibility of using the Swedish railroads and highways for the transfer of the German Force North.

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