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What Does the Moon Smell Like?: 151 Astounding Science Quizzes

From the amazing technology at the back of lifestyle to the mysteries at the frontiers of clinical discovery, those enjoyable, interesting, and little-known proof discover whatever and every little thing in a undemanding quiz layout. This all-ages quiz publication feeds your mind tasty, bite-sized tidbits of cool technological know-how minutiae.

Metal (Science Explorers)

During this booklet an energetic strategy is taken to determine concerning the homes and makes use of of metals. young ones are inspired to invite questions and formulate rules which they then try out out. It asks the place does steel come from? ; Which metals are magnetic? ; Does steel, wooden or plastic behavior warmth the quickest?

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David Cohn Nouvel’s Valencia Litoral plan (left) includes dense coastal development. Chipperfield’s “foredock” plan (right) will be a race centerpiece. Record News On the Boards Fuksas designing new French archives documents that date back to the French Revolution, the center will accommodate the expanding collection for another three decades. The northern end of the site will allow for additional building work and the future expansion of the warehouse. Documents will be stored in concrete-walled rooms within a 591-foot-long perforated-steel box.

A. PYRAN® is a registered trademark of SCHOTT AG (Mainz, Germany). Work No More Wire Hangers For many people, the process of getting ready in the morning comes to a screeching halt as they stand in front of their closet perusing their wardrobe and trying to figure out what to wear. Ben Pell wants to change that—or at least the setting. Enter Walldrobe/Wearpaper, a clothing system that is tailored by digital fabrication technologies and, when not being worn, hangs on the wall as flat, abstract-patterned wallpaper.

The major traffic generated by games and events—which might attract as many as 70,000 people— would require additional means of access. Primary among these would be the construction of new slips capable of docking the existing Staten Island ferry, which sails across a narrow channel from South Ferry at the southern tip of Manhattan. Deployed as a shuttle on game days (typically on the weekend when the ferry schedule is dramatically reduced), these huge vessels could easily transport the necessary numbers in an hour.

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