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Xcv, 48, 49. , xcv, 50. De Providentia, i, 6. 37 olear later, how Seneca opines that suicide "promittit ut parem ... f ac1a . t , n142 a more boas tf u1 assurance than any other sys t em deO - o f philosophy attempted to make. " Far ---- from the humble attitude of a Christian, in his relations with the Creator, Seneca assumes the attitude of socius in his rela145 tions with God. Seneca tells us that the best way to worship the gods is to believe in them to acknowledge their majesty and goodness, to imitate them.

Xxi,~. De Brevitate Vitae, viii, 1. , i, 1. , i, 4. De Vita Beata, i, 2. J. Zj} · Just what does one look forward to when thinking of death? This is what Seneca queries; and in his cold, material search tor the answer, he opines that it is merely the final termination in a succession of events. The major portion of death has already passed, in so much as our past years are now in the hands of death. 256 Why should one's last hour be said to bring death, when in reality it merely completes the death process?

Lib. vi, Cap. x. , Lib. vi, Cap. xi. 99. Divinae Institutiones, Lib. i, Cap. l. Cf. Tertullian, De Anima. £ sanctus, •• or there is no room for God: "Q,uis sit summi boni locus quaeris? Animus. " 107 And another instance: "Prope est .! te deus, tecum est intus est. 2!! spiritus sedet ••• Bonus 100. 101. 102. 103. 104. 105. 106. 107. ~· xli, 3. De Benericiis, iv, 6, 5. , iv, 6, 1. ~· xcv, 48. ~· cxiii, 16. De Beneficiis, iv, 8,2. ~· xcii, 30. £• lxxxvii, 21. Ita dico, Luoili: ~vir sine deo ~ 30 "108 In the same letter he applies Virgil's words to comest• plate his own thoughts, "In unoquoque virorum.

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