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I established a protective screen, but realized that to set up a permanent defense would be impractical and even harmful. I therefore called the cruiser, requesting evacuation for myself and for young Forell. Prior to evacuation, I demolished all my fixed equipment, so that the only things left for the villagers to find when they entered the station were damaged remains of those things normal for a recluse scholar of their era. Franz Jaeger Observer 2/c INFORMAL MEMO 130-265 From: Evaluations Officer To: Explorations Officer Subject: Interrogation Enclosed is a digest of the interrogation of one, Elwar Forell, who was evacuated from forty-eight seventy-one, in company with Guardsman Jaeger.

He waved at the tape reels. “I got that little tape out just on an off chance,” he added. “Didn't really expect to find anything, but—” He flipped his hands out. ” He leaned forward, looking at Jaeger. “We may have run into a second, or even third growth culture,” he said slowly. ” He closed his eyes for an instant. “Possibly they were unable to use their telepathic power. And equally possibly, they could have had a highly developed mechanical civilization. ” He waved at the tape reel. “In this reconstruction, there's an hypothesis on just such a situation.

I called Auxiliary, and Technician Melran stated that his control circuits were inoperative and that he was tracing the difficulty. He cleared the trouble, but condensation had already been established and precipitation had commenced. I ordered re-absorption, which was started as soon as repairs had been accomplished. At the request of Guardsman Jaeger, we stood by to render aid if necessary, maintaining contact with his station. At 0572, Jaeger requested immediate evacuation for himself and for one other person.

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