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By Ilias Belharouak, Vilas G. Pol

This book offers an exceptional one-stop source for realizing an important present concerns within the study and advances in inorganic phosphate materials.Content:

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Agric. , 24, 412-415 (1976). 3 M. Sakurai, H. Yamaguchi and M. Watanabe, Phase Transition of APP Form I to Π Advances in Inorganic Phosphate Materials · 37 Preparation of P-N Compounds and Their Application to Fireproofing Substance and Synthesis of APP Form Π from the System of Ammonium Orthophosphate-Urea, Phos. Sulf. and Silicon, 144-146,235-238 (1999). 4 M. Watanabe, M. Watanabe, M. Sakurai and H. Suzuki, Preparation of Ammonium Polyphosphate Form Π from the System of Ammonium Orthophosphate-Urea, Bull.

In this paper, preparation of APP and melamine phosphates, and their application to flame retardation of organic polymer material (polypropylene) will be given. PREPARATION OF P-N COMPOUNDS APP and melamine phosphates were prepared by the following techniques. 1'2 Among these crystal forms, form I is most easily prepared and used widely in many fields. Form II can be prepared industrial scale by using phosphorus petaoxide as one of starting materials, but phosphorus pentaoxide is active chemicals, harmful to human body and therefore not easy to use in a large scale like factory production.

Atmospheric condition started with humid ammonia showed better result than that started with dry air. Concentration of aqueous ammonia of 3 and 5% indicated the perfect transformation of form I to II. (2) Preparation with the system of ammonium orthophosphate-urea Preparation of form II APP was also investigated with the system of ammonium orthophosphate-urea. There are three kinds of ammonium orthophosphate, (ΝΗ4)3Ρ04, (ΝΗ4)2ΗΡ04 and NH4H2PO4. According to experimental result, diammonium orthophosphate gave the best result.

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