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By Doo-Man Oh, Patrick J. Sinko, Gordon L. Amidon (auth.), David Z. D’Argenio (eds.)

This quantity documents the lawsuits of the Workshop on complicated Meth­ ods of Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic platforms research, prepared through the Biomedical Simulations source in may possibly 1990. The assembly introduced jointly over one hundred twenty investigators from a few disciplines, together with scientific pharmacology, medical pharmacy, pharmaceutical technological know-how, biomathematics, information and biomed­ ical engineering with the aim of offering a high-level discussion board to facilitate the trade of rules among uncomplicated and medical examine scientists, experimentalists and modelers engaged on difficulties in pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. it's been my adventure that during many components of biomedical examine, while a gathering of this sort is held, the overall perspective of these experimentalists prepared to wait is one among severe skepticism: as a gaggle they believe that mathematical modeling has little to supply them in furthering their knowing of the actual organic approaches they're learning. this can be not at all the present view whilst the subject is pharmacokinetics and drug reaction. fairly the opposite, using mathemati­ cal modeling and linked facts research and computational equipment has been a significant characteristic of pharmacokinetics nearly from its beginnings. in truth, the sector has borrowed recommendations of modeling from different disciplines together with utilized math­ ematics, data and engineering, so that it will higher describe and comprehend the techniques of drug disposition and drug response.

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36 THE SIGNIFICANCE OF MARKED "UNIVERSAL" DEPENDENCE OF DRUG CONCENTRATION ON BLOOD SAMPLING SITE IN PHARMACOKINETICS AND PHARMACODYNAMICS WinL. Chiou Department of Pharmacodynamics The University of Illinois at Chicago INTRODUCTION Until recently [1-3] it has been commonly assumed in pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics that "blood is blood" and blood (plasma or serum) concentrations of an endogenous or exogenous compound are practically identical, whether the blood sample is obtained from an arm artery, an arm vein, a leg vein, a pulmonary artery or a jugular vein.

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