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By Harvey M. Deitel, Paul J. Deitel, Jeffrey A. Listfield, Tem R. Nieto, Cheryl H. Yaeger, Marina Zlatkina

Written as an creation to the hot C#, this advisor takes the skilled C programmer a couple of steps past the fundamentals. It covers gadgets, facts kinds, and circulation keep watch over, or even delves into a few heritage at the new Microsoft internet Frameworks setting. retaining in brain that this can be for these accustomed to C (and even Java), the e-book is going into many of the complex positive aspects and enhancements present in this new language. It additionally deals a comparability among C#, C++, visible easy, and Java.

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In that case, a value type is used, which is done by declaring a struct in C#. Structs act similarly to classes, but with a few added restrictions. They can’t inherit from any other type (though they implicitly inherit from object), and other classes can’t inherit from them. A Point Struct In a graphics system, a value class could be used to encapsulate a point. WriteLine("Start: {0}", start); } } The x and y components of the Point can be accessed. In the Main() function, a Point is created using the new keyword.

0F; // minimum charge. 75F)); } } Because the CivilEngineer class derives from Engineer, it inherits all the data members of the class (though the name member can’t be accessed, because it’s private), and it also inherits the CalculateCharge() member function. Constructors can’t be inherited, so a separate one is written for CivilEngineer. The constructor doesn’t have anything special to do, so it calls the constructor for Engineer, using the base syntax. If - 41 - the call to the base class constructor was omitted, the compiler would call the base class constructor with no parameters.

User-Defined Exception Classes One drawback of the last example is that the caller can’t tell what exception happened in the call to DoAverage() by looking at the type of the exception. To know that the exception was because the count was zero, the expression message would have to be searched for the string count is zero ". That would be pretty bad, since the user wouldn’t be able to trust that the text would remain the same in later versions of the class, and the class writer wouldn’t be able to change the text.

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