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By Carsten Strathausen, William E. Connolly

Rich with analyses of innovations from deconstruction, structures concept, and post-Marxism, with reviews of fundamentalist suggestion and the struggle on terror, this quantity argues for constructing a philosophy of being on the way to conquer the drawback of postmodern relativism. Undergirding the contributions are the premises that ontology is an important notion for philosophy this day, that a suitable leftist ontology needs to keep away from the type of identification politics that has ruled contemporary cultural stories, and new ontology needs to be located inside of international capitalism. A Leftist Ontology deals a well timed intervention in political philosophy, that includes a few of the prime voices of our time.

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Still with a question mark at the time-for a national conference at Penn State in April 2005. As is often the case, the responses from the invited conference participants and those joining us later for this publication were far more mixed than I had expected. There were some who liked the topic and others who did not. There were philosophers, social scientists, cultural theorists, and literary scholars, deconstructionists and Marxists as well as Foucauldians, Habermasians, Lacanians, Deleuzeans, Badiouians, and all possible crossovers and combinations in between.

Still, I think it would be a mistake to dismiss a leftist ontology as nothing but abstract speculation. To do so would imply that the discussion of (academic) ideas impedes rather than propels real (material) change on the ground. But such a crude separation between thought and matter is yet another remnant of nineteenth-century scientific positivism, which conceived of thought and action as oppositional terms, when, in fact, they supplement and constitute each other. At this point in history, most of us will agree that the current global economic crisis that started in 2007 is the direct result of the neoliberal belief in unfettered markets, financial deregulation, and global capitalist expansion.

That you explore how the acceleration of pace in several zones of life both unsettles traditions and opens a window to rethink classical images of time? That you engage the micropolitics of the contemporary media to counter the power the right now exerts over the unconscious presumptions of everyday judgment? What conceptions of space are appropriate to the left today? What combination of historical and ontological considerations might draw care for this world into closer attunement to the needs and dangers of the day?

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