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By Monica Macaulay

This is often the 1st finished grammar of any number of Mixtec written for linguists. It offers theoretically educated (generative) description and research of the phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, and lexical semantics of this dialect, located within the broader context of Mixtecan and Otomanguean languages. Texts and a lexicon (Mixtec-English/English-Mixtec, 1,500 phrases) are incorporated besides.

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Pure: 单纯, 纯净的, 纯洁, 纯粹. silence: 沉默, 沈默, 悄静. soften: 变软, 软化. tender: 嫩, 纤细, 细嫩, 温柔, 柔弱的. tongue: 舌头, 舌. trumpet: 喇叭. undertake: 承担, 从事, 承办, 担任. undertaking: 事业, 工程, 承诺, 着手从事. unsafe: 不安全的, 不安稳的, 危险的. worthy: 配称, 值得的. William Shakespeare 41 A thriving issue: there is no lady living So meet for this great errand. % PAULINA. Tell her, Emilia, I'll use that tongue I have: if wit flow from it As boldness from my bosom, let't not be doubted I shall do good. EMILIA. Now be you bless'd for it! I'll to the queen: please you come something nearer.

Geld: 阉割, 劁. heaven: 天堂, 天, 天空. inch: 英寸. lay: 产卵, 安放, 放, 凡俗. lest: 唯恐. lodge: 小屋, 传达室. mine: 矿, 我的, 矿山, 矿井. nine: 九. otherwise: 否则, 不然, 不然的话, 要不然, 要不, 要部然. prove: 证明. queen: 女王, 王后, 皇后. sir: 先生, 爵士. speak: 说, 讲. true: 真实, 确实, 确有其事, 真正, 属实, 对头, 真正的. trust: 信任, 信赖, 委托, 信托, 威信. violence: 暴力. wife: 妻子, 太太, 爱人, 媳妇儿, 妻, 老婆. % LEONTES. Cease; no more. You smell this business with a sense as cold As is a dead man's nose: but I do see't and feel't As you feel doing thus; and see withal The instruments that feel.

Infant: 婴儿. lady: 女士, 夫人. language: 语言. lay: 产卵, 安放, 放, 凡俗. mistress: 女主人. speak: 说, 讲. toward: 朝向. understand: 了解, 明白, 理解, 领会. whom: 谁. whose: 谁的. yours: 你的. yourself: 你自己. % HERMIONE. Sir, spare your threats: The bug which you would fright me with, I seek. To me can life be no commodity: The crown and comfort of my life, your favour, I do give lost; for I do feel it gone, But know not how it went: my second joy, And first-fruits of my body, from his presence I am barr'd, like one infectious: my third comfort, Starr'd most unluckily, is from my breast,-The innocent milk in it most innocent mouth,-Hal'd out to murder: myself on every post Proclaim'd a strumpet; with immodest hatred The child-bed privilege denied, which 'longs To women of all fashion; lastly, hurried Here to this place, i' the open air, before I have got strength of limit.

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