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By R. S. Saunders, R. E. Arvidson, G. D. Badhwar, W. V. Boynton (auth.), Christopher T. Russell (eds.)

Mars, the main liveable of our sister planets, holds a different position in our imaginations and in our area exploration application. absolutely 1/2 NASA's planetary exploration attempt is now dedicated to Mars. Key questions comprise: Has Mars ever harbored lifestyles? Is there existence on Mars now? Will people manage to live to tell the tale at the Martian floor? solutions to those questions lie in deciding on the current position of water on Mars and its most probably stock long ago, and in picking the current radiation setting of Mars. The 2001 Mars Odyssey undertaking contributes drastically those solutions via detecting near-surface water via measurements of neutron flux, from the detection of carbonates, and the quantification of its radiation surroundings. This e-book captures the targets, the layout of the undertaking and the main points of the tools carried to Mars. it may be of curiosity to each scientist drawn to engaging within the on-going exploration of Mars from graduate scholars to senior scientists because it offers the history info necessary to interpret the numerous fascinating effects now showing from the mission.

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A power distribution and drive unit contains switches that send power to various electrical loads around the spacecraft. Power is also stored in a I6-amp-hour nickel-hydrogen battery. The electrical power subsystem operates the gimbal drives on the high-gain antenna and the solar array. It also contains a pyro initiator unit, which fires pyrotechnically-actuated valves, activates bum wires, and opens and closes thruster valves. 0 kg. AA. GUIDANCE, NAVIGATION, AND CONTROL The guidance, navigation, and control subsystem consists of three redundant pairs of sensors, which determine the spacecraft's orientation.

1983). , Reedy, 1978) were basically correct. , 1999). , 2001), probably in the form of ice trapped on the permanently-shadowed floors of polar impact craters. , 2000). This instrument was similar in many respects to the Apollo GRS instrument. However, instead of being mounted on a boom to reduce background from the spacecraft, the NEAR GRS was partially surrounded by a BGO detector that could be operated in anticoincidence mode to reject spacecraft background. The NEAR GRS produced only limited compositional results for Eros during the spacecraft's orbital mission, due to the low gamma-ray emission rate from the asteroid.

Small, final orbit clean-up maneuvers on January 28 and 30, 2002 corrected residual biases and execution errors from the rocket burns associated with the three aerobraking exit maneuvers (ABXl, ABX2 and ABX3). These maneuvers adjusted both the periapsis and apoapsis altitudes using a ~ V of about 4 mlsec. After the final orbit was achieved, the last major spacecraft event before the start of mapping was the deployment of the HGA, which was successfully performed on February 4, 2002. MARS ODYSSEY MISSION 35 References Badhwar, G.

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